Technical diving is rapidly becoming a popular extreme sport with recreational divers wanting to explore that little bit deeper, for a little longer and see that little bit more in a safe way. Join us at Technically Azores and travel along amazing topography seldom seen by divers,  walls, caverns, coral covered canyons through to deep wrecks that are home to our pelagic marine life. As part of the Twin Peaks DC group, Technically Azores has continuously offered the best team of technical instructors to make your diving experience the most enjoyable and rewarding with a challenging element.  

Technically Azores offers a full range of Technical Training Courses, from the basics right through to the more advanced technical diving courses with SSI  TXR, TDI and BSAC choosing the right course to complete, and with whom, can be a difficult and challenging process but with our expertise we can simplify you decision.

Our philosophy is to help you understand where you want to be and help get you there. We build upon skills you already possess and extend your abilities. We play to your strengths and help you build your existing diving skills to bring about achievements that you may feel are currently beyond reach. We believe in positive learning and you will find our style relaxing, nurturing, but most of all fun! If you are looking for Intro, Nitrox, Trimix, Cave, Wreck, Sidemount or CCR training, or just want to get wet - we offer it all.

If you have any queries or want to drop us a message, please go over to the contact page and send us an email, or why not give us a call us....

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