Technically Azores was originally formed to create a simple complex for recreational divers wishing to progress their diving and try technical diving. In the outset offering entry level technical courses as twinset diver to advanced nitrox along with decompression procedures. Technically Azores has now grow along with its divers and now covers all Technical Training from open circuit including sidemount diving to full CCR from nitrox to hypoxic trimix we have the course to progress your diving at a pace to suit your ability and of course your journey. Based on the island of Pico in the Azores gives us perfect access to the clear blue waters of the Mid-Atlantic and combining your technical course with these condition makes you continued education journey an enjoyable one. Combining our sister company Dive the Azores and Technically Azores gives us the great opportunity to offer you a full accommodation package along with your training giving you complete peace of mind and at the end of your course some great dives to but into practice your new diving qualification.

Gary Fell# SSI TXR - TDI - BSAC Technical instructor Trainer
Gary became a Technical Instructor in 2003 with BSAC instructing up to OC Advanced Mixed Gas, more recently Gary became the first Poseidon CCR instructor for BSAC instructing Poseidon MKVI and SE7ERN enabling us to instruct Poseidon, AP and rEvo along with Explorer Mixed Gas (60m),Advanced Mixed  Gas (80m) for non unit specific CCR's. Later joining SSI to also offer their XR range of course instructing upto TXR  trimix and also Poseidon MKVI and SE7ERN CCR and more recently we are pleased to also add TDI to our preferred technical agencies  . Gary also fully understands the fundamentals of a recreational divers wanting to take their first steps into the technical world being still heavily involved with Recreational Diver Training.  

Lindsey Fell# BSAC Technical Instructor
Lindsey is only one of a few female technical instructors within BSAC. Being a Poseidon CCR diver for almost 7 years, it was time to progress her passion of CCR diving and teaching. She became a BSAC Poseidon Instructor in 2019 and  is the only female BSAC Poseidon Instructor. Lindsey is also a BSAC Twinset, Advanced Deco and Gas Blender instructor trainer.

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