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EANx - short for Enriched Air NITROX - offers so many physiological and practical benefits that it's hard to understand why anyone would still want to dive on air! With its elevated oxygen content, diving EANx means less nitrogen in you body, longer bottom times and less post dive fatigue - benefits that every diver can appreciate. For divers wishing to explore the depths beyond the limits of recreational diving, TRIMIX is the clear choice. A breathing mixture of oxygen, helium and nitrogen, Trimix allows you to manage the risks of elevated oxygen concentrations and nitrogen narcosis, giving you a clear head when it really matters... 

Our range of Enriched Air Nitrox diver and Trimix diver training programs allow you to develop your skills and knowledge of EANx and Trimix diving in a safe, progressive and controlled manner under the direct supervision of your Instructor. Building upon your existing knowledge and skills, you'll learn the benefits of EANx and Trimix diving and develop your dive skills to safely and competently plan and conduct dives utilising EANx and Trimix. For over twenty years, our industry-leading range of EANx and Trimix programs have been at the very cutting edge of diver training... 

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