Technical diving is fast becoming a popular extreme sport with divers looking for the explorer within seeking to go beyond the recreational limits to go that bit deeper, for that bit longer and seek that new adventure in a safe manner.
Why not join us at Twin Peaks Diving Centre and travel along stunning walls, through deep coral gardens and into our silent lava formed topography that are teeming with seldom seen marine life; that's the incredible journey and adventure offered to you with Azores Technical diving. Azores Tec Diving continues to offer the best team of technical instructors and guides to make your technical experience the most enjoyable and memorable as possible.
Azores Tec Diving operates throughout the year out of Pico, giving you access to the central group of the Azores, Faial, Pico, Sao Jorge and can also visit Terceira and Graciosa so giving you a great choice of islands and sites to dive to suit your needs. Whether CCR or Open circuit we have the equipment and support you need from manifold twin 12’s to stage and bailout. We carry a full range of sofnolime 408, 812 or 797 with pumped O2 and full blending station making available any desired mix for your dive and deco. We can offer guided technical diving and also self guided technical diving for those who wish. Azores Tec Diving offers high quality training and experience through TDI, SSI and BSAC 

  Technical Diving
​  Guided Technical OC  Per Day
  1 - 2 days €85
  3 - 4 days €80
  5 or more days €75
  Technical dives are based on a single dive per day

  Guided Technical CCR with Extended Bottom Time 
  1 - 2 days €85
  3 - 4 days €80
  5 or more days €75

  Guided Technical Dives CCR Packages per day
  1 - 2 days Sofnolime & diluent gases €125
  3 - 4 days Sofnolime & diluent gases€ 120
  5 + days Sofnolime & diluent gases €110

  Technical Equipment 
  Technical Equipment Hire
​​  Back Gas Regulators (set) €15
  Deco/Bailout Regulator €6
  Wing & Harness €10
  Lift Bag / SMB €5
  Reel €5
  Bottom Timer €10

  Tank Hire per day
  Pony Cylinder 3 litre €3
  Deco Cylinder Ali 80 litre €7
  Steel Twin Set 12 litre €15
  CCR tank hire (set) 2 & 3 litre €7

  Gas Fills per fill/top off
  Oxygen & Air fills CCR €6
  Helium (Litres) € 0,065
  Sofnolime (per kg) €9
  CCR Bailout Gas Hire per day
  Ali 80 with gas  18/35 €10
​  Ali 80 with gas 50% €10