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"Just Bring Your Head"
"Bring your head" is a new concept being introduced by us for 2018 and will make the rebreather diving holiday much more simple. Initially we shall be introducing Inspiration, Evolution and Poseidon MkVI and Sev7en but we shall be introducing more units types as demand grows.  

With airlines tightening luggage restrictions, packing for a dive trip is hard enough with just recreational gear and travelling with a rebreather adds another level of difficulty. What to bring, how to pack it, will the dive centre have everything I need when I get there? These are all questions that need to be addressed, but if you tackle them one at a time, you’ll realise travelling with a rebreather can be very simple.

“What should I bring?” This question goes hand in hand with “will the dive centre have what I need when I get there?” Rest assured Twin Peaks Diving Centre is a full rebreather centre. We have the option of “Bring Your Head”. For Poseidon IV and Se7en users we have 4 bare units that just require an eModule and battery, set with a 6mm stainless steel back plate and XDEEP 45lb wing and harness. We also have 4 bare visions with rear and front counter lungs that require just your inspiration or evolution head. We stock batteries and o2 sensors for consumables, we have a selection of steel and ali 3 litres. We also stock 797 sofnolime pre pack and self pack along with 408 if required

Our bailout gasses are only rented and paid for only if used and are available in Ali 80’s with full stage kits, bailout regs are also available. We have pumped o2 and offer all custom diluent mixes you require. We understand It is very crucial to ask these specific questions, as many dive centres advertise themselves as “rebreather friendly,” but in reality are just “rebreather tolerant.” Now you know for sure what Twin Peaks dive centre is able to provide,. We recommend travelling light!  

“How do I make all THIS fit in THERE?” It can seem like a daunting task when all your dive gear is laid out in front of you, and you have only a few small bags to fit it in. However, there are a few tricks to helping you get everything you need to where it needs to go safely. Try to carry on as many of the critical components as possible. Things like the head, canister, loop, counter lungs, mouthpiece/BOV, regulators, and electronics can easily be damaged or lost in checked luggage and leave your unit inoperable, so it is best to carry them on. So everything is packed up, you’re at the airport, bags checked, and you’re going through the baggage checkpoint. As long as you remembered to remove any tools or knives from your carryon, things should go pretty smoothly. It can be fun to watch the look on the baggage agent’s face as your bag goes through the scanner, but after a quick inspection there usually is not an issue. Remember, they are just doing their jobs, and a rebreather head and scrubber canister looks pretty suspicious on an x-ray. We have found many baggage agents are now recognising rebreathers, especially in popular hubs to dive destinations. Just assume that your bag will be inspected and plan a few extra minutes to allow for this.
So you know you’ve brought everything you need to enjoy a great holiday with your rebreather and all your critical rebreather components have made it onto the flight with you. Now it’s time to sit back, relax, enjoy the flight, and have a great trip to the Azores